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We source the best quality herb powders from Africa region to your doorsteps. 

Easy way to purify and add nutrions to your body

Only natural, nothing artificial

Our powders are bioactive and supports the body to recover and stay healed.

With medical herbs for a healthy lifestyle

"The very first time. After the first use. A big difference. A good feeling. Finally got helped. Pure feeling without any synthetic substances. Will never stop using these natural herbs."

Help to reduce inflammations and supports the body to heal.

Our products are very strong and effective. Only use 1/6 teespoon every morning.

Cayenne, Baobao, Ginger, Turmeric and Savage Mix

All our powders are of the highest quality and very strong.

Who needs superpowder?

Nowadays we eat a broad spectrum of food, however, a lot is quite refined and includes lots of E-codes. Even though our food includes a lot of vitamins and minerals, these those doesn't absorb well.

Researches have also shown that after 65 years of age a man should eat food supplements to stay healthy and feel good. Already a 40 years old body starts to need food supplements to "clean the body from the inside" to prevent different kinds of sicknesses creating problems.

Step by step our bodies can turn into inflammatory conditions. To help prevent this to happen, our very strong, pure and organic healthy herbs powders can assist.

The stomach is very central for our well being. The gut flora should be versatile. Also, it is important to eat lots of food that has been grown in the soil. Furthermore its important that the gut flora contains a lot of good bacteria and that we eat enough nutrition fiber which enables residues to leave the body in a good and natural way.

We also know that when a person is getting older the immune defense system is getting weaker and food supplements don't absorb into the body so well anymore. And that is why it is important to eat or drink food supplements every day, such products as cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric or baobab.

Why to buy our powders?

We are a family business and every one of us are very interested in healthy lifestyle matters. We all, meaning mother, husband, brother and sons with family, beliefs, that only the highest quality products with a pure and organic background is the sort of food supplements that are safe to add every day. Highest quality should be standard when it is something that we eat and add to make our bodies feel better.

When it comes to purchase and use food supplements it is very important that you can trust the seller and the quality of the supply.

We are a responsible seller and take our mission and products seriously. We also test all products before starting to sell them.

Can powder really be so efficient?

Yes, it can. Nature can be a miracle. Everything has to be in balance. Like ecosystems and like the human body.

For example, if in nature a group of animals does not get a sufficient amount of food they might stop existing and it can create a chain reaction affecting other species. The same thing can also happen in the human body. If the body has for example a lack of Sodium the body reacts and it can create many bad symptoms. The same thing happens for example with too little or too much Iron. Everything has to be in balance.

So powders can really be very powerful.

Historically people all over the World has used herbs to treat diseases and illness of many kinds. In our part of the World, it was often monks and nuns who were the herb experts and served as early times doctors.

Why products from us?

What makes our products different?

Our powders are 100 percent pure. No chemicals and no blending used to save on the effective and more expensive ingredients. For example our cayenne peppers are dried only in a natural way. Mechanical drying can take vitamins and minerals away or make them weaker.

And also, in the herbs international market, there are many different qualities of powder. Our powder represents the purest and highest quality of herbs. This is why we do not compete with low quality and low-cost products.

Customer service.

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Turmeric make my brain work more clear and sharp in my academic work.

Hanna Wass

My middle-age body feels sometimes tired and when I go for physical training cayenne gives me extra strength and energy. Magnesium, potassium, sodium and iron are important when you train and cayenne contains it all.

Sini Kunnas

Cayenne helps to keep my joints in good conditions and also to keep my body and spirit to feeling younger.

Elvi Rangell